Gear system with oil injection

The aim of simulating spur gear systems is to minimize load-dependent and load-independent losses. Heat produced by friction should be efficiently extracted from the gear system.

Prototype experiments do not give enough information on relevant details. A complete validation of the lubrication by prototype testing can hardly be done, especially at high rotation rates. On the other hand CFD simulations give detailed insight in the oil flow. Windage and splashing losses can be minimized. The oil flow can be analyzed and optimized in its interaction with oil injection and with the housing for different oil filling levels. Lubrication of flanks can be simulated. Film thickness and hydraulic torque and shear forces can be monitored to identify deficiencies causing transmission losses.
Even in between teeth or teeth in contact the results are numerically reliable.

Heat management can be simulated. Heating of flanks by friction, heat conduction in gears, housing and oil can be analyzed. Oil viscosity as a function of temperature can be taken into account.

For more information read our article “Getriebesimulation – Möglichkeiten und Potentiale” published in Konstruktionspraxis Vogel, april 2016 (in german) and our contribution to the STAR Global Conference 2016 “High-end gearbox simulation: modelling gear contact with ‘zero gap interfaces’ on a multiphase spur-gear system“.