Automated simulations with CCM+®

Standardise your simulations with your own specific simulation assistant

Often in one company there are many CFD simulations that strongly resemble each other. Sometimes there might be a change in geometry or in boundary conditions. But you always need a CFD expert to prepare the models and to define all relevant parameters correctly. This is often very expensive and time consuming. Nevertheless inaccuracies may occur that reduce the comparability of the results.

A customised simulation assistant (“flow wizard”) may help you. The simulation assistant is a plug-in for CCM+® that is designed especially for your demands. It comes with a graphical interface (GUI) that guides you through the simulation, if required from reading the CAD data to final results. Integration of simulation conditions provided in form of excel-data-sheets, the export of data for other analysis (e.g. FE) or the presentation directly in PowerPoint are examples of possible extra features.