The right software for any task.

We apply leading software tools in the area of data preparation, grid generation, flow simulation and visualisation.The combination of modern wrapping techniques for swift preparation of incomplete and faulty CAD data and our employees’ practised dealings with classical methods ensures a high degree of effectiveness during the crucial initial project phase. Have you already established a fixed CAE workflow in your computational department? Extensive interface independence and our know-how in all leading CFD solvers permit seamless integration into your workflows.

We work with the following software packages:

CAD data preparation
ANSA | CCM+ | Ansys SpaceClaim

Grid generation
ANSA | CCM+ | AnsysMeshing | FluentMeshing | Fame | ICEMCFD (TETRA, HEXA)

CFD solver
Ansys CFX | Ansys Fluent | CCM+ | Fire | OpenFOAM | PreonLab | Comsol | Molflow 

EnSight | ParaView

Ansys Workbench | CCM+ Wizard

In order to ensure that we are always in a position to comply with the demands of our discerning customers, we consistently invest in software and PC capacity.