Our computation services
for your products.

We regard computational service as a contact for all issues associated with the topic of flow simulation. By applying all key commercial CFD software packages, we supply what you need: customised, independent of particular programmes, ideal for the respective task and of course within the specified time period.

Data preparation and grid generation
Often complicated but never entirely avoidable: In this regard, we support you regardless of whether entire vehicle models or may it be flow through pipes. As experts, we know what tools are the right ones for your respective tasks. And on the basis of our many years of experience, you can rely on us for the punctual delivery of our mesh.

Simulation of workflows
Many years of pragmatic application as regards CFD software in the professional environment: our CFD know-how provides the knowledge required for a more comprehensive understanding of your fluid flow problem.

Interpretation of results

Appropriate and comprehensible post-processing: you receive the prepared results as brief reports on a single page, as detailed documentation or as animations for discussions or marketing purposes.

Improving your products and processes: our experience in fluid flow tasks linked with CFD know-how also supports you in the area of development.

"Because we conclude computations as swiftly as possible, our customers can drive their own development processes and launch optimum products onto the market."

Andreas Schuck